Who we are

Mission Statement:  Our Mission is to ensure the safety and health of the homeless cat population and assist cats in need


Founded in 2011, we rescue, spay and neuter, and re-home stray and feral cats thanks to generous donations from the community.


Our History:  Fitchburg Friends of Felines was started by a local Fitchburg resident and cat lover who recognized the exploding amount of stray cats in her city. Determined to make a difference, she partnered with Merrimack River's The Cat Mobile to do TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) to over 150 cats in her first year. She soon expanded her mission to assist owned cats in need recognizing the growing expense of veterinary care and food, and lack of assistance for low-income families. Then in 2019, her mission expanded even further to include daily feeding of feral and stray colonies in Fitchburg and Leominster.  Today, this small network of feeders, trappers, and fosters continue the mission of Fitchburg Friends, and believe that together, we can save them all.

  • What we are proud of:
    • In our first year of operation, we successfully TNR'd (trap, neuter, release) over 150 cats.
    • We have an almost 100% success rate with assisting families with the return of their lost cats.
    • Since 2018, we have found homes for every single cat rescued.
    • In our first two years of establishing feeding stations, we've reduced the number of homeless cats being fedf by half with our rehoming and barn programs.
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